World BBoy Classic

World BBoy Classic is the biggest 2-on-2 B-Boy Competition in the world with global qualifier events and one World Final, held annually in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Founded in 2009, World BBoy [...]


ProDanceTV is and online Dance TV channel covering some of the biggest Hip Hop Dance events across the globe featuring raw uncut battle footage, event trailers, interviews & freestyle clips. [...]

DUTCHBBOY is the only online platform in the Netherlands informing and focusing about the Dutch Breakdance scene. Since 2002 it has been organizing the annual Dutch BBoy Championships (DBC), [...]

The Notorious IBE

Since 2008, New Dance Media is handling all media and communications of the international Hip Hop Dance festival The Notorious IBE. Founded in 1998 in Rotterdam and from 2008 and beyond held [...]


New Dance Media is involved with the Undisputed World BBoy Masters to take care of the social media handlings and video of the event.