Stance is a lifestyle channel documenting hip hop is used to enrich our everyday lives. With a network encompassing North America, Europe, and Asia, the videographers of Stance have been filming [...]

Nika Kramer

Nika Kramer is a photographer, writer, and event organizer and very well connected in the Hip Hop scene worldwide. Nika was text editor of the book Hip Hop Files and writer of We B*Girlz a book [...]


Illflowproduction based in Moscow, Russia in 2010 include 2 members – Kirill ‘Malice’ from Moscow and Bob the Cameraman from Sevastopol, Crimea. Firstly focused only on dance [...]

Stain Garcia

Stain Garcia is a cinematographer and photographer from Spain and was born in 1993. He started in the Hip Hop culture 10 years ago as a dancer into B-Boying and started making videos in the B-Boy [...]


Ockefilms is a Videomaker crew based in Paris and Montpellier created by Cedric Alima. It all started with their Youtube Channel, back in 2012, the first Breaking video project by Ockefilms [...]


Louni is a Cinematographer, photographer and designer. Follow Louni at: Facebook Instagram YouTube Watch below a selection of the video work From Louni

Maurice van der Meijs

Maurice started his career in photography when he was forced to stop breakdancing due to an injury 12 years ago. To still experience the vibes of the breakdancing scene his father bought him a [...]


Antoine Schirer – Video director and designer at Antoine is a director and designer based in Paris. He has been involved in the B-Boy culture for over a decade as a [...]

Little Shao

Little Shao hailing from France is one of the talented and active dance photographers around. Partner in photography for The Notorious IBE. See his beautiful work at:


Tom is a director hailing from Paris. His skills in making hip-hop events, lifestyle, concerts and fashion are the result of his passion for filming, editing and composing. Tom’s goal is to [...]

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